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Thread: firewire AND capture card...?!?!?!?

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    Default firewire AND capture card...?!?!?!?

    i am lost at what to do, im not the richest kid on the block, so starting my own workspace isnt going to be easy. but i had plans to buy adobe premiere pro, but i need a way to capture from my school miniDV camcorders. I figure buying a firewire would be the cheapest way but i asked my teacher and he wasnt sure if i could do it without a capture card as well. So if i get a firewire card in my PCI slot, i would also need a capture card (additional 200 bux)...please somebody help me!?!?

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    All you'll need to capture and edit with premier is an OHCI compliant firewire card and a reasonably fast computer (fast HDD, fast CPU, plenty of RAM).


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    okay thanx alot =)

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    i didnt even have to buy one because my soundblaster card had a firewire slot in it too, i was like sweeeeetttt

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    sweet! but i see all these capture card listings for adobe premiere pro...does any firecard work? im so happy i dont have to buy a capture card tho, that saves me so much money!

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    My PC is about two and half years old and only had USB1.1 ports in it.

    For video capture I knew I would need both firewire for my new MiniDV caqmcorder and also a USB2 port for capturing (and allowing me to remaster) all my old VHS home movies. I only had a single PCI slot free and found a nice ( and cheap) dual card from for about 18. Didn't break the bank and has two or three (on has two the other has three - can't remember offhand whcih way around it is) of each of Firewire and USB2 ports.

    Works fine with both my Dazzle Fusion (analogue capture through USB2) and my new Sony TRV33E through firewire.

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