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Thread: Newbie with IT skills of retarded chimp seeks help!

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    Default Newbie with IT skills of retarded chimp seeks help!

    Hi Folks,

    The title says it all! (At least I'm being honest!) :

    I recently bought a Dazzle Digital Video Creator 90 (USB) to download my old 8mm video camera tapes onto the computer, then onto DVD. The Dazzle thingy came with Pinnacle Studio ( Quick Start. I did the 'Capture' thing - downloading a full tape onto the screen :o . I then did the 'Edit' thing - dragging and dropping the individual parts onto the Storyboard below..... I then went onot 'Movie' - 'Create Disc' then said that it was rendering the film .

    However. when I then try to pass the movie onto a blank DVD disk (via the 'Disc' tab selection on the left) the DVD is ejected , saying that it's the wrong format :cry: (?).

    I've no idea why it won't copy the vidoes onto DVD via this method, as it 'says on the box' (and VERY limited instructions) that it does it this a happy chappy here!

    Anyone with any ideas, that could explain it so that even President Bush could understand it - I'd be very grateful if you could reply!

    Great forum - shame that I can't understand it though!



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    Have you registered the software on-line? Otherwise the DVD authoring function is not enabled.

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    Default Thanks for the reply


    Thanks for the reply.

    Yes - registered it online when I got the software. Sorry! Any more ideas appreciated


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    Just for curiosity, how long is the final video that you are trying to place on a DVD? Maybe, just maybe, the video footage is to large for the disk. Remember that a DVD can only store so much.

    I know I am pulling at straws but just thinking outloud. Sorry if not correct.

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    Default starting from square 1


    Please excuse if these questions are too basic, but a little clarity can go a long way.

    1. what operating system and version is your computer running (e.g. WinXP, Win2K SP4)
    2. what is the make and model of the burner device you are using? (needs to be a DVD recordable device)
    3. what is the media you are loading into the burner device? (should be DVD-R)
    4. is the media blank or does it already have something written on it? (Pinnacle Studio probably will eject it if it is not completely blank)

    If the answers to these questions are what is expected then you might try making sure your burner device has been updated with the latest device driver. Did you check that?

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