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    : Wish that I had found this site before I made a purchase!

    I wish to convert my SVHSC footage to DVD so purchased a Belkin Hi-Speed USB 2.0 DVD Creator. The packaged software is Ulead VideoStudio 6SE. I seem to be short of detailed instructions but my system exceeds to minimum spec.

    First problem is the format to use. Mpeg1 captures 39 frames in 1 minute and plays back in 2 seconds! When I switch to AVI again the capture is very poor and replays in slow motion.

    Can anyone help me get started please?[/b]

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    The format you need to use will need several considerations.

    1. MPEG compression compression at capture stage really is heavy duty stuff. You will need a fairly hig spec PC to deal with this.

    2. How are you gettign your SVHSc footage to the USB port?

    3. MPEG1 Compression should only be used if you final output is VCD (although some use MPEG1 for WEB publication)

    4. Check your hard disk set up. Dropped frames are, nearly always (but see point below) as a result of disk fragmentation. Defrag your hard disk.

    5. If you are after quality, then USB capture isn't really the answer. You would be much better off with Firewire. Or in your case for Analogue capture, a decent analogue capture card.

    Good luck

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    Just an additional thought. It is connected to a usb2 port as opposed to usb1?

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