Hi guys, I'm new here! My director has given me a small project to which i have no clue as to the answer ! We have short videos (<= 30 mins) and usually have 3 or 4 of them on a DVD. We want to be able to take an individual video from these DVDs (chapter, title whatever you want to call it) and then burn it onto either another DVD, a VCD or onto VHS. Now depending on where the video is being shipped to it will need to be easy to change between VHS/DVD/VCD output.

Is there such a thing as a standalone unit which is capable of this? The DVD => DVD and DVD => VHS isn't a problem but is there a standalone unit which will decode and encode to VCD on the fly as it's copying?

Please note, if i'm talking rubbish it;s because I have no knowledge of anything AV related, and this is also why i would like a standalone system, press a button and everything is good !

ANy suggestions / input would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance