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Thread: Butterfly effect ?

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    Default Butterfly effect ?

    where can i find an butterfly or others effects to use in the movie
    , i have an cool effects from " hollywood effects " but there all just
    transition , what i mean is an effect in the movie , just for semple when i guy kissing a girl i want that butterfly will shown on the screen !!!

    thank !

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    Try and find a simple butterfly animation on the web and use that.

    Or shoot some footage of a butterfly, or obtain some stock butterfly footage. Youd then need to key out the butterfly (either within premier or with a compositor) this will take time and patience especially if your background is'nt flat colour. Then its relatively simple to overlay this footage in premier.

    Another method would be to use a 3d app to build and animate the butterfly. Some compositors (combustion2) have a library of particle systems containing butterflys.


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