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    Okay, so i found a previous post about creating film flicker by applying black video behind the clip and adding a fast strobe affect. The problem i have is using the "fade adjustment tool" It said to reduce the opacity rubberband to 95%, but i can't find the fade adjustment tool.....or it doesn't work. My question is, the example i read was with premiere pro and i have 6.5. Is this why it isn't working? How do i reduce the transparency(in version 6.5) of the original clip so that the strobe can be seen?

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    I'm not an expert on the 'film flicker' look but I believe the way old films flicker was due to the fact that some frames were missing from the final printed roll when strips of film were cut and stuck together in a rough and ready fashion. Or you could insert a black graphic (720 x 576 made up in photoshop or whatever image editor you have) into some of the gaps rather than using the strobe effect (takes forever though).

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