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    Evening all ...

    After all of my many posts on selecting the right software etc ... and after trial versions of Cool Edit, Ulead, Power Director 5 and Sony Vegas, I'm proud to say that I am now a full owner of Vegas MovieSudio Plantinum.

    Very handly little package that comes with DVD architect, Acid XMC, two discs of sound effects and a very handy package with over 250 new transisitions. I can heartily recommend it as a very good buy at only 100.

    Anyway, I'm beevering away re-doing my wedding video and I have to say that, touch wood, so far pretty much everything with Vegas is quite common sense and straightforward (famous last words!) ... except one thing.

    Whenever I use the 3D Shuffle transition between events, the event which follows the transition is very blurred and jerky, once I fade into or cut to the next event after that the problem vanishes completely. If I change to another transition (which is of course the easiest answer) then the problem goes away. Any suggestions on that one?

    And the other question ... is there anywhere I can get free moition menus? All the sites I've come across so far as for subscriptions. I was happy to shell out 100 on the software just for my own amusement, but I don't want to be spending too much more if I can avoid it.

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    Best fix, dont use tarty wipes ! A very few have their place (maybe), to my utter shame I once used page peel to try to indicate time passing (cringe).

    Everyone is lured into using them when they get into editing but really thay are naff.

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    Hearty agreement with Mark on that score. Doesn't solve the problem, but a good answer!

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    Default Novel response ...

    ... but don't worry, it's only used once and I'm 100% happy it isn't out of place.

    The wonderful array of transitions is mindboggling ... but at the all through the rest of the project it's either straightford cutting or crossfading ... just the one indulgence on the fancy transitions.

    Anyone offer any insight into the blurring or the moition menus?

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