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Thread: burned vcd doesn't look good

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    Default burned vcd doesn't look good

    I recently did a project and burned onto VCD as well as downloading into VHS. The VHS was OK while the VCD wasn't half as good. I need to send this project to a number of people and I want to do that thru VCD which is more portable and which more people have quick means of viewing, so I really cant send the VHS. How do I get to improve the VCD quality and get out of this fix pls?

    Also I need to know if I can get a dual CD / DVD rewritable drive and at what cost. Many thanks for your quick response.

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    I'll trust you know your audience but, respectfully, I suspect more poeple are able to watch a DVD than a VCD. For example, I found (to my detriment) just the other day that my DVD player will NOT play a VCD and I had tofire up my PC to watch it.

    Also, if you can stick tomaking a DVD your 'quality' problems will likely disappear instantly.

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    Yep, VCD struggles to look even as good as crap vhs in my expirience.

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