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Thread: Newbie - which software should I purchase?

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    Default Newbie - which software should I purchase?


    I am new to video editing and have just posted a heap of question to the hardware section.

    When I solve the problem of getting video onto my notebook I would like to know which software package to purchase.

    I only want to edit videos, add audio, for home use and don't want an overly complex program which tons of features I won't ever use.

    I have tried Adobe Premier V6 at work and this seems very complex and is extremely expensive, around $1200 Aus I believe.

    Are there some good options for home use on a lower budget that are easy to configure and use?



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    Default Try Pinnacle Studio 9

    Try Pinnacle Studio 9, it's not expensive (around GBP150 for the premium pkge) and is really user friendly and intuitive, and will allow you to very easily create a proffessional looking movie in minutes!!!

    Have fun!

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    Ulead Video Studio might be ok for what you need.
    This links to a free trial of it. It is very easy to pick up and get used to. It doesn't get too complex, but is not one of those "hold your hand" type applications you get with a camera. They usually don't let you do much except trim the beginings and ends of footage. The link prices it at US99.
    Hope this helps.
    (another) Sean.

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    Default What software should I buy

    Even a relative beginner to video rditing should not buy a beinners software poackage as you will soon need to upgrade. It is far better in the long run to purchase software like sonic foundry (now SONY) vegas 4 as this will give you a lot of experience and quality work. Incidently Sony vegas 5 is due out soon. This software is not cheap but it is very good quality and user friendly.

    Good shooting.

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    Whilst I personally adopt your approach as well. If I'm going to buy soemthing then I make sure I'm not going to need to upgrade as soon as I get a real graps of the subject, we must remember that there are those amongst us who might simply want to take camera footage and transfer to DVD with little to no actual editing. In which case the cheap and cheerful s/w will do the job quite nicely.

    It is a good point though. If you have access to Premier already then just use that would be my advice. So what if you only use 5% of all the features. At least you have scope to leanr and do more.

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