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    Default web vids

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    Default about your footage

    There wasnt much to your footage of the kids playing , but for the footage of the kids playing in the park you have to look further.

    when seeing the kids playing I found that to be a good way for character development....also the lenght of time that you filmed them in the park could be a good way to display time at lenght...(on your cuts you could have put 1 hour later.... 2 hours later... 3 hours later..when in reality it was only maybe one hour of footage... and that is just an example if you were using time as a factor, though I think you were just getting some family footage..but looking at your video gave me some prospective on filming.

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    Thank you for your comments.

    I think what you are trying to say, if I understand correctly, is that the videos require more of a narative element, to better explain what is going on and the reason for including certain shots that would normally be cut.

    I do the edit to formula thing as work only, like you said I am just capturing footage of the kids to share with family and friends, who of course already understand it, like another chapter in a DVD of which they already know the plot. I was unsure whether to post or not, because the emotional detachment of others would render the clips meaningless : , but what is the point videos (or stills) if no one sees them.


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