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Thread: Making a website using publisher or other software.

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    Default Making a website using publisher or other software.

    I'm new to this site so there might be a topic similar to this one around. If there is could you give me a linc? thanks. Anyway i want to create a web site with a lot of small clips on it. I've uploaded the clips from my digital camra with no problems. When I try to paste the clip to publisher to create my website it tells me I need a file compressor or decompressor I can't remember, but the sound is ok. What's my problem an what can i do about it? And if you could recomend some other more reliable software.I am only 16 so i don't have a lot of money to spend on software.

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    dont use publisher for a website, if you have it, use frontpage, if you dont go get a free wysiwyg html editor (type those in exactly and you'll get a ton of hits) and use it in there.
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