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    Default Encore Copyright Protection

    How do i apply CSS encryption, or something of the equivilant to my projects in adobe encore 2.0??
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    The only copy protection for DVD that's compatible with existing players is CSS from the DVD CCA people. And even then they only license the permission. You'd still have to find software to do it. None of this is cheap.
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    To apply CSS in encore 1.5 just choose the disc tab and project settings and turn on css encryption and macrovision at the bottom of the window.

    I guess it might be something similar in ver 2.0.

    But if it doesn't work for the big studios it won't work for you, so why bother. :

    If you are going to sell your DVD's try and pre-sell as many as possible and deliver all at the same time, so there are no DVD's out there to copy until everyone has it.

    Good Luck

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