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Thread: alton towers and drayton manor vid

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    Ok, this was my first attempt at making a vid. It lasts approx 7 mins and was filmed as me and my mates went around the parks (i wasn't planning on making a montage or anything afterwards), thus the filming is shaky in parts. It does'nt look very professional really but i only learned how to shorten the clips using pinnacle after i was half way through making it, so there are a few bits where you think "why is that bit there, that looks bad". Anyway, it doesn't hurt to download and see, all you have to do is click on the link, follow instructions then wait for it to download. I uploaded it to filefactory which is pretty slow for download speeds compared to some others. Anyway, if anyone downloads it, i hope you find some enjoyment in it. Bye bye.

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    Live from Norwich !

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