Greets all, needs some understanding on the following:

I captured footage from my video camera using two different programs on the same computer (same scenes I might add):
1. P Studio v10 and 2. A Premiere Elements v2

Both are the same in length, only 4 mins each. Out of curiousity and boredom I opened Windows Explorer to view the files sizes and it stated the bit rate on the footage captured from P Studio is 1536kbps as opposed to the bit rate captured via Elements which was 1024kbps.

Obviously I must have played around with the capture settings on both, but what I'm wondering.. which is better? or is there an advantage to using one to another? I'm a bit new to this kinda thing.

How I got in this situation: I was one of those blessed individuals to purchase P Studiov10 only to find out it was sheer crap, not all of it, but geez, it had that numbskull effect on me.

Zo, I got my hands on the Elements and snap-crackle-pop, I went from numbskull to maestro, things actually worked and I'm meeting Spielberg for coffee tmrw. What I did like about P Studio v10 were the various capture options, I used to set my cpature to say 4 mins at a time so the file size would come under 1 gig, squeeze it onto my USB stick and take to work so I could watch em and get ideas on how to plan a story or two. Now in Elements I have to watch out when capture reaches 4 mins to stop the process. Now I've come across this bit-rate thing!! Shall I maybe use P.Studiov10 to capture and edit in Elements, I'm not fused about scenes, I turn off the auto-detection anyway. But I'm sure these two programs use different codecs and stuff.. hmm .. I can feel that numbskull effect coming on again, help pls!