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    ok, i don't know how to explain this, i'll try my best. u know, when u record a video from ur camcorder, and compare the video to a hollywood movie, there is a difference in the appearence, i mean like, in the hollywood movie, the color of the video is like kind of a warm color,and on the camcorder, its like same as u view ur enviornment, do u understand wht im trying to say? how do i make my camcorder video color look like hollywood type movies?

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    You need to correct the color to the feel you want.

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    Or u can try Look Suite plugin.. it can bring the film look you're searching for. You have 55 presets to work with... Enjoy!

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    What you are looking for is the "film" look. the best way to get that is by using film.....but for digital video, you need to find something that emulates film. There are plug-ins and some of the standard premiere filters are okay (some warmth, redness, and little contrast to imitate an 8mm camera, etc).

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    color wise you can fake it some, but there is no true replacement to true 24p high shutter. 3D Animated Menu\'s Transitions, Backgrounds or just about anything 3d all Animated.

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    I would also recommend adding the Echo Video Effect in Prem Pro and setting to 24p. I have looked at my original footage off DV and the effected footage and it certainly gives it that edge.

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