I am new to these forums and have spent ages looking for a forum dedicated to video editing.

I am capturing a VHS tape using a TV card. It saves in a MPEG4 format and plays perfectly in any player.

Once importing into adobe premiere i receive problems such as: stutter in the preview monitor.

Then when i export. The same stuttering happens. THIS IS AFTER I EXPORT!

Whats the reason for it stuttering? I thought it renders the clip once exporting for finalising?

I have:

3GHZ processor
1GB ram
128mb graphics card
500GB+ hard drive

I am just testing the program and the whole system itself since i recently set everything up.

I am capturing DR DOLITTLE 2 (lol!) just for testing. So its a 1hr+ movie im capturing and importing. but even then, it should be fine! But why isnt it?