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Thread: premiere wont work with my new capture card

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    Default premiere wont work with my new capture card

    hi I just recently purchased a new analog capture card. I installed it and it works with the software it came with and windows movie maker but when i go to capture with premiere its just a black screen.

    premiere seems to recognise it becuase if i change the preview setting to video overlay i can see it but cant capture it if that makes sense. I want to use premiere to capture it rather then the software that came with it because that software is pretty hopeless. any ideas greatly appriciated. thankx.

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    I had the same problems a while ago using a Dazzle Fusion A2D converter. The bundled s/w worked fine for capture but Premiere didn't. It is simply the case that Premiere does not nbatgively support analogue capture, simple as that.

    I suggest you simply do what I did. Capture to AVI using the bundled s/w. Forget the fact that editing s/w may have come with it as well and import the AVI assets into your Premiere project.

    Given that I was starting from VHS tapes I consider my results more than OK as a way of converting them to DVD.

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    You can use Ulead Video Studio for more Video format, UleadVideo Studio will work

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    Premiere doesn't recognise my analogue capture card either. I just use WinDVD Creator that was already on the computer when I bought it and it does the job. As I am also capturing from old VHS tapes the quality is fine and I just capture as an .avi and then open up a new project in Premiere and import the new .avi into it.

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