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Thread: Sony and Canon-incompatibility??

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    Default Sony and Canon-incompatibility??

    Hello, I'm new to this particular forum and first of all, its great!!. anyway, I have been experiencing some hardware issues when printing to video on a Canon XL-1 and then trying to playback or capture from that tape on a Sony deck. Specifically, I have observed audio dropouts on tapes that I had doublechecked on a Canon camera. Has anyone else experienced audio problems on sony decks? Is there somewhere I can read about this issue?

    Much thanks ;]

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    Never heard of a problem. Are both items in good nick? Sure the deck is DV and not DVCAM (I know I know, but it happened to me!). Try a head clean all round? Fwire cables in good nick and secure ?

    Oh, and welcome from me.

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