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Thread: Sony DCR-IP7E. Analogue pass through??

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    Default Sony DCR-IP7E. Analogue pass through??

    I am trying to capture some VHS tapes onto my PC (to burn to DVD).
    I have connected my VCR to my Sony DCR-IP7E Digital camera. This part seems work fine i.e. when I play the VHS tape, the audio and visual play on the camera.

    I can also connect the camera to my PC with the firewire cable, and can capture footage from the microMV tape using Movieshaker.

    My problem is that I cannot seem to connect all 3 together and capture the VHS onto my PC using the camera as a pass through. As soon as I connect the firewire to the camera, I loose the picture/sound from the VHS.

    Is it that I am attempting something impossible?? I know that I can record the VHS onto the microMV tape, and then capture it to PC, but really wanted to do it in one go.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Default SONY DCR-IP7E

    Hi there,

    I have the same problem with my DCR-IP7E.

    I think we should have Sony software Click to DVD.

    For more details, also, you can visit below website. If you find this software, please tell me where or give link for download.

    Best regards,


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