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    Hi guys,

    Im looking for some more Hard Drive space. Presently I have 2x250Gb SATA drives.

    I would like to get some more space for archiving my old productions and also would like an external disk for portability.

    I have Maxtors at the minute and they are OK (not mentioning two hard drive failures already!)

    The maxtor maxline which apparently is optimised for backups looks good. I am looking for something around 300Gb

    Where would you recommend to buy from? ?

    Any advice appreciated


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    Hey there, overclockers is a good website for computer component purchases, however do check out and because you may find the same product cheaper. for the harddrive it depends on what you want from it. if your looking for a high quality, reliable, superfast drive then id go with the western digital raptor series as they feature 10,000rpm opposed to the more common 7200, links shown here:


    Now if you want something that is reliable, cheap and not so fast, at the more common speed of 7200rpm i recommend seagate as they have been proved to be extremely reliable harddrives. Links here:

    for external harddrives Freecom own that range, fast, reliable but a bit pricey link here:

    However if you want something a bit cheaper seagate do a 400gb for a considerable amount less

    Hope this helps
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    Yeah - the WD raptor range are excellent performers, but a bit expensive. Personally I wouldn't have a maxtor HD in my own PC. It's worth paying a few /$ more for something a bit more reliable. Seagate get my vote too, as well as WD.

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    thanks for info!

    definitely wont be going for maxtors.. too many ppl say to stay clear.. seagate or WD sound fine.


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