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Thread: My motor racing videos

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    Default My motor racing videos

    Hello all, i've been looking at this forum for a while and have loved most of what I have seen and thought it was about time to join and share some of my vids with you too.

    Last year I was asked to do some videos for a motor racing team after they had seen some of the fan videos I had put together previously, they are all in a music video style but later ones had a bit more content.

    I don't have any other experience in making videos other than the ones I have made at the race track, it's all done on a shoestring budget and minimal equipment. For this video I used a Canon XL1 (lent to me by the team) which I used for the pitlane shots, a Sony DCR-HC85E (my camera) which was used by my girlfriend for the shots from the grandstand and Pinnacle 9.4 for editing.

    The link below is for the first video I made at the start of last season, this is from a series of six videos, one for each race weekend.

    If you like this one I may put the rest up, and maybe some of my earlier stuff.

    Video download here, Windows Media format 20MB

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    Hey, that was really good, especially if you are new to editing.

    I liked the use of the b/w and the way you bring in the sound and colour.

    I was interested all the way through, the human angle got me.

    Watch out for those tarty wipes, they add little and look cheap. They are easy to add but should be used with extreme caution.

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    Very nicely done indeed. I love the feel and look but agree fully with Mark W in the use of the transitions. It is wonderful to have all of them at your finger tips but just because you have them, do not get accustomed to using them. Liked the choice of music and how it was played into the video footage. Overall, I think you did a great job and you should be proud of yourself. You captured the moment and the experience very well. Keep it up and look forward to seeing more of your work.

    How did the team respond to the footage?

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    Thanks for the replies and feedback

    I'm not that new to editing, I got my first camcorder back in 2002 to video the racing but didn't start editing until the end of the year with Ulead Videostudio 4SE which came bundled with my firewire card, shortly afterwards I started using Windows Movie Maker but then moved to Pinnacle Studio 9.4 in 2004, which I still use today.

    As for the tarty wipes. yeah I know they look a bit rubbish most of the time but in all honesty the feedback I get from the great unwashed who watch my vids seem to love those bits and ask for more, who am I to deny them what they want? At the end of the day I started doing these videos just for fun and it's not a serious piece of TV etc, but I am trying to find ways of making my videos more professional while trying to minimise their use, hence my reason for joining this board so I can gain some inspiration.

    The team liked the videos so much they asked me to tag along and do some for them, the one I posted in my first post went down a storm and they didn't have anything bad to say about the other 5 I did (even though I can see many flaws with them).

    So as not to be old news the videos had to be put together very quickly so they could be shown on the teams website, most of them were put together in a matter of a few hours with very little time to sort out any problems before they were released.

    Here are the rest of the videos in the series, the June and July ones are probably my least favourite and weakest, June has so many wipes and transitions it makes your head spin (or explode), and July has the least amount but the camera work mostly sucked.

    June video 6 mins 51 sec, 34MB

    July video 4 mins 25 sec, 22MB

    The next ones are for the second half of the season and by now I was getting along pretty well with most of the guys in the team which meant they opened up to me more on camera. From the August video I was getting contributions from all the drivers and team principle as well as some better footage, there is even some excerpts of team radio overdubbed in places. Even though there are still some major flaws this one is probably my second favourite after the May video.

    August video 7 mins 34 sec, 37MB

    September video 7 mins 54 sec, 39MB

    October Season Finale video 5 mins 33 sec, 27MB

    They all have their good and bad points, I have been asked to do more for them this year but I also want to improve as I don't want to get stuck in a rut.

    Apologies for the long post

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    And here's the latest one, a 2 minute team promo video mostly recut from all the other videos from last year.

    2 minute promo video 10MB

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