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    Hi YA, I have two probs. One I need to make a menu for dvd i'm making out of my wedding video.(dv tape) can I make it out of adobe photo 7.0?
    I'm also having probs. with prem 6.5 when i export the movie using the option avi(dv) the film has flickers and lines when people move. I check against the oringal and that is fine. after burning is still bad qualty.
    Please help

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    For DVD menus you need some sort fo DVD authoring s/w and that will have it's own menuing system. I do know that Adobe Encore will allow you to draw your menus in Photoshop 7, which is what I do. For static menus anyway

    As for the lines and flicker. Recent threads have been discussing these type of problems. If you have a re-writable DVD though, then do try a test burn of a portion of your movie. It might just be a case of trying to watch an interlaced signal on your PC monitor and, if so, will be fine when viewed from s set top box - probably.

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    Default prem 6.5

    thanks for reply but problem there after export as movie.same when viewed on dvd player&tv. Lines and pixels when people move. The problem seems to be better when I export to mpeg but then it splits the sound and video into two files. I'd just like to edit then put back on camcorder and burn to dvd without losing the clear picture.
    cheerz for anymore info.


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