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Thread: About to purchase a Sony VX2100

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    Default About to purchase a Sony VX2100

    Hello guys,

    I'm about to purchase a VX2100. Here are my options:
    1. Local (philippines) - around $2900 camera only.
    2. Singapore (online) - around $2600 camera only. + taxes + shipping
    3. US (online) - now this is ridiculously cheap... about $2600+/- (including shipping to US only though) + tons of freebies such as wide angle lens, telephoto lens, etc. I already have a family who will bring this from US so I dont worry about shipping anymore.
    Here's the link of the site:

    My QUESTION Is... with this incredibly low price... is it safe to purchase from there? Sometimes, when its too good to be true... you doubt if its for real. Hehehe. Well, I'm really very excited to do this and will highly appreciate your comments.


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    They look pretty legit to me,,,,, i think that you would be fine..... IMHO
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    Watch out, import tax might be one hell of an amount! but the camcorder is amazing lol good luck.
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    that camera from express camera is just the camera. No charger battery...etc etc etc..

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