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Thread: layer masks in premiere

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    Default layer masks in premiere

    i dont' unerdstand how to use layer masks in premiere, like, in some tutorilas, they say mask this out, and put a mask on this inorder to see through that, blablabla. can someone explain to me how to use masks in premiere? also, can u tell me how to use it in after effects? thnx alot!!!

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    Pages 256 to 261 of your Premiere Pro manual cover this more than adequately I thought.

    Which parts, specifically, did you not understand?

    As for After Effects. I would get the hang of the simple way of doing things in Premiere first. Explaining how to mask in After Effects would take more leisure time than I have this month.

    Edit: a couple of typos to make the post look more 'English'!"

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    thnks man, im gonna check out the premiere manual.

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