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    Default Resizing Screen Size

    I am currently using premiere pro 7 to put together a dvd from a collection of mpegs that were outputed by Pinnacle Studio a few years ago.

    The only problem is that the mpegs were outputed by Pinnacle Studio at a size of 328x500. When I change the settings in Premiere , it outputs the movie with the video at that original size and has a thick black border around the video.

    Is there a way to change the size so it outputs at the standard PAL size of 720x520 in premiere, or is there a another program that could increase the size before editing?

    Any help would be very much appreciated.


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    you can change the screen size in premiere, this is the way: When u go to new project, the window comes where u type the projects name and destination, ok, go to the custom settings tab on the top, it says the screen size, but its in gray so u can't change it, it will say on the top DV Playback, click that to drop down the menu, and then click on Video for Windows, and then you can change the size. I hope that helps!!!

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    as above, but there is also a tick box

    'Scale clips to project dimensions when addi.................'

    It's at the bottom of the video settings window.

    Be aware that it will be stretched, changing the shape of the pixels might help a bit.

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