Hi Everyone,

Want to start my wedding studio business(for the first time) but have some budget concern, therefore XL-H1, HVX200 etc are all out of the question. I'm looking forward to new tech on HD, because it will be an additional cost to get a 3 CCD cam & after one or 2 years later to buy another HD-cam, if I have the choice, I will choose to be head start at HD in this business, btw I'm from Singapore, which HD issue(on TV) will start this mid year but for my own prediction, I think HD will still need some time(2 years I guess) to be common for everybody, due to its related system; HD player & HD TV are too pricy.

Therefore I am seeking your advise on following cams to start with after much consideration on my budget:

Sony HDRFX1 - looks like suitable for my concept but reading some feedback that its SD video isn't very impressive, & also its mic. One thing bothers me is the low light capability, is it better or not as good as XM2? At my country we have the wedding dinner which the banquet manager always dim their light to romantize the environment, but not good form video man.

Canon XM2 - review gives it good pics & sound quality, user friendly & 0 lux, my favorite was the progressive scan. But one cons, this model is way too old.....4 years.....if I'm correct. Is it still worth buying this cam now as we have better technology to go with? Have anyone compare this cam's pic (& sound) with FX1? If yes, which is better ?

Panasonic GS400 - most budget of all range, 4 mp & 3 CCD with good video quality, I would like to choose this one if not for the upcoming HD format, also consider what my client will think if I have this : is this guy pro or not? Yes this model is good but for layman it doesn't have the outlook to impress them(at least XM2 is much more presentable).

Therefore appreciate your kind advise which cam to consider, thank you in advance!!