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Thread: horizontal wiggle- if you know what I mean?

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    Default horizontal wiggle- if you know what I mean?

    Hi Forum,
    I have been using video editing software for a while now, and do a bit commercially.
    This topic may have come up before, but has any body experienced what I refer to as 'horizontal wiggle'. Its when I have recorded from Mini-DV to the hard drive.
    When ever there is movement on the screen the subject matter suddenly looks like it's slightly made of blamonge.
    I found this to be worse when using Pinnacle, but I experience it with all editing software.
    At first I thought it might be a codec or something like that, but I donít think it is. Maybe itís the quality of the original recording source itself, cheap camcorder or something like that. Basically I just donít know what it is.

    Can anybody help?


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    Hi and welcome.
    Refer to our FAQ to learn about deinterlacing.

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    Hey, thats great info, thanks.

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