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Thread: Overwrite Edit versus Use another track

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    Default Overwrite Edit versus Use another track

    I use Avid Xpress Pro. I do a lot of talking to camera and then superimposing visuals over what I am describing in words. Up to now I have used 'Overwrite Edit' for this purpose. However, putting the visual on a separate dedicated track and then mixing down before doing a 'Digital Cut' seems to be another possibilty.

    I'm not sufficiently experienced to decide which is the better method in the long term.

    Can you help me by suggesting the advantages of one method over the other please, or at least some of them if it's a long list!

    Thanks in anticipation - Michael

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    diffreent strokes for diffrent folks.
    This all depends on what you are used to. There is not really a clera cut better way to do anything. I sometime cut in a fashion that may not be best described as the most efficient but it suits me fine.

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