I've been lurking for a few days and have found the forums excellent, as a rank beginner.

I've seen SATA mentioned in a few posts, but none mention RAID configurations. I've got a P4 3G in an ASUS P4C800D with an on-board Promise RAID controller, and I've hooked 2 Seagate 120GB SATA drives up as a striped pair, and they are brilliant. Just in case anyone was wondering about RAID.....

Now the real reason for my post. I've just started using VideoStudio 7 and I'm having problems in the rendering (burning a DVD?) part. The CPU goes to 100% and often after about 30mins (CPU temp stable at 49 c!), the PC just shuts down. On restarting, opening or even viewing the relultant mpeg file (or even ones that didn't crash the PC) sends the CPU back to 100% and explorer crashes. This happens with any \MPEG2 file that I have rendered with VS7. I suspect that I might have a crook CPU fan, and I am looking at some alternatives for that, but I don't think that it explains the seemingly corrupted MPEG2 files.

I'm just about ready to re-install XP etc, but I was wondering if others had had this type of problem. Looking at Marks list of most often used software (and hardware similar to mine), I can appreciate that there are better apps around for doing different tasks, so I presume that VS7 is not great at encoding MPEG2. Any comments will be welcomed.