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Thread: Re-edit from DVD-possibel?

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    Default Re-edit from DVD-possibel?

    I own a Dell Computer and have been using Pinnacle 8 for all the editing. Made the DVDs with outstanding results . I deleted all the movie files to make more room for new downloads. Now I would like to go back to a DVD I made and re-edit some more. Pinnacle nor Sonic is allowing me to download from the DVD I just made. Do I have to start all over?
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    No, just rip the DVD into an editable format (DVDRip or XMPEG will do that for you) and it will turn it into MPEG-2 files which you can edit in Studio.
    Consider visible quality loss though.

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    Actually my objective , is to take my Hi 8 family movies from the past, and edit them onto DVD's. I understand that there is software( some quite expensive software) and cheaper ones like Dazzle, but the results are less than acceptable.
    Pinnacle gives me a mirror image of what I filmed with my Sony TV900, . The Hi 8 camera was a Canon A1 digital (movie camera) so the results were the best at the time.
    I thought I would buy a DVD recorder, make DVDs then somehow download them to my computer and edit them using Pinnacle.I have not had any luck copying the files the my DVD folder , then opening them with Pinnacle . I have Sonic and Moviemaker also. The DVD's i've been burning are DVD+R. How do I do it , and get great results?

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    Question 10 FAQ

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    Default previous post may provide some insight

    ...just FYI, there was some discussion on loading VOB files using Pinnacle Studio at the following location:

    Not all of my questions were answered, but the dialogue may be helpful to you.

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