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Thread: My m2v problem, please help...

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    Default My m2v problem, please help...

    This is what the problem is.

    For whatever reason that windows media player can't play m2v files and PowerDVD can, is the same reason i believe that the m2v files are not opening properly in Vegas 6.0c for me.

    The strange thing is that some of the m2v files do open correctly in vegas & wmp, and some don't.

    What would cause some files to work, and some files not to work? they were all extracted & converted the same way.

    Any suggestions? is it a codec problem?

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    I have no idea about codecs but you could try question 10 FAQ and see if that helps. Here.

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    Thanks, i'm going to give it a try.

    The problem is that the computer just doesn't seem to see the whole mpeg2 file, i checked properties, and Vegas thinks it's a 6 second movie clip, when it's really about 3 minutes.

    And the thing that is so frustrating is that some of them work, and some don't, but on another computer, they all work, unfortunatley it's the machine at home that i need to get working that it's not working on.

    Any ideas on why some mpeg-2 files are not being read correctly on 1 machine?

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    Hmmm, m2v is a funny one. Sometimes they work for me, sometimes not. I think the prob is is that it is some weird mutant open source format. Lots of players dont like it either.

    See if virtuadub will transcode it.

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    your problem is you dont have a m2v codec installed. You can get a free one just google it. Once you do that it should work fine. 3D Animated Menu\'s Transitions, Backgrounds or just about anything 3d all Animated.

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