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    Default NEW HARD DRIVE

    Just installed a second hard drive for video capture,xp see `s it but it does not show up on My Computer or on windows explorer,on device manager its installed an working correctly,i`m expecting it to come up as device H, how do i get to work please?

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    First off, make sure all the connections are secure and that you main drive is set to master and the new drive set to slave. Make sure the drive is recognised in the Bios.

    If it's a brand new disk and recognised in the Bios, you'll need to format the drive. To initialise and/or format the drive, see this page:

    For proper installation of a drive using Windows XP, simply allow these operating systems to partition and format the drive during the installation of the operating system. Below you will find step-by-step instructions to assist you.

    Note: At this time, Western Digital Data Lifeguard Tools will not give all the partitioning options necessary to prepare a drive for installing Windows XP.

    Single Install:

    1. Set BIOS to AUTO for all IDE devices-Since Windows XP acts as itís own BIOS.

    2. Insert the Windows XP CD into the CD-ROM drive and restart the system.

    3. Once at the Partitioning Page do the following:
    Create the partition size you want by pressing C.

    If you are formatting as FAT32 each partition cannot be larger then 32 GB.
    Click on the following link for addtional information on this limitation:
    Microsoft's Knowledgebase.

    If you are formatting as NTFS there is no size limit on partitions and just finish the Windows XP install.

    Adding Second Drive:

    1. Set BIOS to AUTO for all IDE devices.

    2. To partition a drive go to control panel.

    3. In upper left corner of control panel. Click on "Switch to Classic".

    4. Administrative Tools \ Computer Management \ Storage \ Disk Management

    5. Once you click on Disk Management a wizard will appear called: Initialize and Convert Disk Wizard

    Note: You must use this wizard to write a Signature to the drive otherwise, the hard drive will not work with the Windows XP.

    Using Initialize and Convert Disk Wizard:

    6. Drives are numbered as follows: drive 0 being the boot drive and drive 1-3 are all other drives, (except CDís the first CD is CD 0 the second CD 1 and so forth).

    7. After clicking next on first screen you need to select the drive you wish to install in this case Disk 1.

    In first screen, you select the drive you are writing the signature to and on the next page you select the drive you are initializing and converting.

    8. The next page shows the drive you selected to initialize. Make sure the drive is checked and hit Next.

    9. The next page will give you the option to convert the drive, which you do not want to select. Leave drive unchecked and hit Next.

    10. Then hit Finish.

    Also, Windows XP needs to write a signature to the hard drive in order for hard drive to be used by the Windows XP


    11. Once done, right click in the unallocated space of the drive-this is what Windows XP calls un-partitioned space.

    12. Then click on create partition.

    13. A new wizard pops up:Create Partition Wizard-next to continue.

    14. On the next page select either Primary, Extended or a Logical Partition and click next to continue.

    15. Next assign a drive letter that is not in use by other devices then click next to continue

    16. Next format the drive and select the type of format (NTFS or FAT32). Leave allocation unit size at default & label the drive as desired.

    17. Edit the partition size, and if using FAT32. Donít create anything larger then 32GB.

    18. And finish when done,

    Note: You can format as NTFS in Windows XP, then you have no (real) limitation as the size of the partition-the theoretical limit is 8TB(terabytes)
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    Default Partitioned and Formatted Second hhd

    Managed to partion and formatted to ntfs,but only one partion,on trying to put avi on to new hard drive in analogue capture,shock horror, dropped frames?on a dedicated hhd.should i partition more and use physically the outer part of the drive? ,

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    The one partition you have should cover the entire disk. As it's a "fresh" disk, the drive won't be fragmented and theoretically new files should be saved at the start of the drive (this is the quickest part as the disc spins faster at this point - well, strictly speaking it spins at the same rate, but the seek time is quicker as the drive doesn't have to spin as much. Hmmm, haven't explained that too well, but the START of the drive is the quickest).

    You should check that DMA is enabled on your drive. Theres a post on the forums somewhere about enabling DMA - but in think it's on the old forums. Der, haven't really been much help with that, but Google should be able to answer that!

    I feel I have been way too vague and not answered your question. Jeez I need to get a job out of pensions so I can waste more time on the internet
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    Default NEW HARD DRIVE

    I know exactly what you going through! I had the same problem recently.

    First off make sure your new drive is fitted properly and that the BIOS can see it. If you don't know how, have a look at your motherboard manual.

    Now boot into windows and go to control pannel> system >hardware >device manager >disk drives, click on the plus sign and you should see your new drive. If not the hardware is not installed properly. shut down and check connections and bios again.

    Now you've checked the drive is being recognised you need to partition and format it.

    In contol panel select admin tools >computer management and click on disk management. You should see all your drives in the window on the right, including the new one. Right click on the new drive and you'll options to format and partition your new drive.

    Hope this helps


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