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    Me and three friends made a music video that was a parody of a song called "Grills". If you havent seen the video for it, watch a little bit of it here so it makes more sence when you watch our video which is here Please leave feedback [/url]

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    Persanly its more of a advert for thoose weird things than a music video. Chop it down to 1 min and make a advert outta it. Would make more sence. Sorry for being so harsh.

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    Thats just aluminum foil in our video (lol) we were just making fun of that video. We just make videos for fun, nothing really serious

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    Well I couldn't be asked to watch the top one so realy I am a arse hole. Sorry .

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    Haha its ok i dont care, we really just do it to make fun of them

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