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Thread: news station with 2 of the same anchors

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    Default news station with 2 of the same anchors

    i want to try and do a news set up for my show but have the anchors be the same person

    how would i go bout doin so


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    At school for our news, we have a pro board (dont know what its called) and it has all the chroma settings, and multicam settings for broadcast, and we have done that effect on several occasions. What you could do is use a green/blue screen, and take the first part of it with the person on the right, then shoot the second part with the person on the left, and chroma it together.
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    If I get you correctly do NOT move the camera within the slightist way or else you will get bad results.

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    Default hey

    thanks for the help

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    And if you are using any lights, don't switch any on or off or move them between shooting the 'left' and shooting the 'right'. Will 'both' of your anchors look the same or are you going to change their appearances?

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