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    Default HyperLinking within Video frames

    Not sure where to post this so I apologise if this is the wrong location as its not so much about video creation / editing. (Be gentle its my first post here)

    I am an enthusiastic dabbler with Video. Until the last quarter last year I mostly only used the free windows movie maker for home video (mostly cars and children) but for work I produce my presentations with Moviemaker rather than use power point (so boring and everyone does it)

    I have now started to dabble with Premier and its oooh so different (big learning curve)

    Anyway to the point….

    Have any of you god people come across a Video authoring process (DVD packaging etc) that will enable the embedding of hotlinks within the recorded video footage?

    EG, the video plays normally in a DVD player if played that way, however if played on a PC when an overlay Icon appears, the screen or a hotspot can be clicked to break out to a weblink or an alternative file / video?

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    Well, this is part of the DVD standard I guess. The DVD for The Matrix did exactly this with it's "follow the white rabbit" feature of breaking out of the movie when a littl eicon appeared to watch some behind the scenes footage.

    I use Adobe Encore for DVD production and it doesn't contain the functionality though. Any got an app that does?

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    Cheers, that pretty much sums up what I’m trying to do.

    I work for an IT supplier and the wizzo technical mob all look at me like my label has fallen off when I run this buy them. So far it appears to fall into the, “someone someplace must have done it, try the net” category of problem solution

    Still looking, although I hope I’m being thick and someone on here can redirect me to something obvious that I’m missing at the moment.

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    Alan you might be suprised what I just found-Go windows>Disc. There you can have flash aps and stuff (havn't burnt to disc so I dont know how it works).

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