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Thread: Found Freelance // Feedback needed!

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    Default Found Freelance // Feedback needed!

    Basically, I find all the freelance design contests from all the biggest webmaster forums and put it in one place for convienence. It's perfect for designers looking for some extra $$$

    Is there any video freelance contests going around, if there is enough interest I could branch to videos aswell.

    What do you think about the site?

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    It's sites like this that really piss me off!
    Sorry but it makes my job alot harder. I have set rates which I charge clients and when they see sites like this they wonder why i charge so much more. These site attract a level of work that is not of the best quality and alot of clients who don't know better. I hate it becuase I have see potential jobs going to people who for the most part are not up to the job.

    Sorry - Rant over!

    In answer to your question - With Graphic desig the process can be quick. Alot of the ideas on these compos are thrown together and some show it others are genuinley not bad. The thing is - with Video - I would not want to spend 3 days working hardcore only to be told that they are gonna use soeone elses version. Nevermind the fact that you have to ask various questions like:
    who would shoot the work?
    if the client has already shot will they be able to provide all the copies for all the people wanting to give it a go?

    The main problem is Video is expensive to work with - Most of us Pro's also like to meet with our clients faxce to face so we can really hammer out the details. PLUS - Rarley will I ever wirk for a fixed FEE. I'll quote a job but it would be an esitimation quote. Most times it always goes over. Plus if you agree omn a fixed rate then your client ends up being a pain in the arse then you end up working triple the time for what you are making in cash.

    All in all - the idea would not work in the same way but you could certainly create a "pitchinbg forum where video Producers can pitch thier ideas to the clients, then the client could choose which pitch they like the best and the producer and cklient take it from there on a one to one basis

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