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Thread: I'm a beginner...please help :-(

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    Default I'm a beginner...please help :-(

    I have just purchased a TV Tuner card for my PC and am ready to record videos in order to burn onto cds/dvds for my friends and family, as well as contribute to uploading some files on the internet. Hooray for me. However, I am completely new at this and in need of assistance..

    When I download hour-long tv episodes from torrents, they are usually in AVI format and are about 250mb in size. However, when I try and record in AVI format using my TV tuner for an hour long TV show, it comes out to about 10gb.

    Instead, I've decided to record in MPEG-1 format hoping to reduce the amount of disk space, but that still yields about 2gb a file

    I want to be able to record hour long shows from TV and save them as avi files that would be less that 300mb. Recommendations for converters/compressors?

    Thank you so much!

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    if you want to compress your avi in to divx there is a site that will tell you how allthough when you are doing video editing i would not recomend this because it looses quality
    this is one of the sites divx-digest there is a lot more sites out there just google them.

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