I recently wiped out my c: and reinstalled windows and now premiere just doesn't want to work the way it should. When I launch premiere to capture my footage I get this error:

Premiere was unable to connect to the native Microsoft(TM) DV support on this machine. This setting was designed to only work with an OHCI IEEE1394 (Firewirem iLink) card with an approved microsoft DV driver. If you have installed the driver included with your OHCI 1394 (Firewire, iLink) card, please uninstall those drivers, and use the install new hardware setting in the control panel to installs the Microsoft(TM) drivers. If you have installed another capture card, please use that card's custom project settings. If it was working, and you have just installed another application or a driver update, please uninstall those.

Then I click ok and I get:
Project Initialization Failed.
DV/IEEE Playback is not setup correctly.
Playback performance will be impacted.

I messed around with drivers for a while...then I reinstalled windows again and then premiere again and I still get the same error. I looked through these forums and couldn't find anything like this. Can anyone help me out here? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks![/b]