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    hi I am considering starting a small business editing dv and transferring to vhs tape or dvd. This would be aimed at amateur dv camcorder users rather than for corporate videos. I figure that people may be willing to pay a reasonable cost to have their camcorder tape of that holiday of a lifetime or special event edited with music added and transferred to vhs or dvd. Does anyone have any thoughts on if their would be a market for this and anyone already offering this service that might be able to tell me the pit falls. Most websites I have looked at offer high end editing (at high cost) for corporate videos

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    I have two commetns on this.

    1 The forum you are asking in may not be the best population sample to ask. We're all either enthusiasts or hobbiests in digital video (otherwise we wouldn't be here) and so would, by definition, do the job themselves; and

    2 Even if I wasn't an enthusiast, I'm not sure I would want soemone else editing my home movies of hoilidays etc. At least not without me being present almost every step of the way. I personally would not want soemone else deciding which of my 'treasured memories' gets preseved on tape/disk and which would hit the cutting room floor.

    Just me 2p so flame on!


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    I doubt that there is much of a market for this as most people will DIY it, if you shoot stuff on mini DV its only a small step to then produce a DVD or VHS, and I assume that people that buy DV cameras will want to dump it to pc and then edit else whats the point?

    Your probably better off to offer a shoot and edit type service, try offering some local bands the chance to make a video for free, do a good job (dont overstretch yourself and promise them a hype williams vid - keep their expectations real) build a showreel and get it seen by other musicians with a small budget who want their own vid shot. You can then build your bussiness from there, branching into corporate stuff or low budget ads.

    As the quality of digital equipment increases the market for expensive promos and ads shot on film may well vanish, why spend 10 or 20000 quid when your 3 guys with digi stuff can get similar results for 2000?
    You'll then be well placed to take a slice of the pie.


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    I would totally agree with everything said so far. In addition, the VHS to DVD market is absolutely flooded. Type "transfer VHS to DVD" in Google and your heart may well sink - not only are there a plethora of sites offering the service, there's just as many telling you how.

    There is a market, but it won't make you a millionaire. However, Tonga's idea may just be the best advice you'll be given. You'll be ideally placed in a shifting market if you start now - it's not just about talent, but creating openings and taking opportunities. In short, play to your strengths and be a part of an emerging market segment!
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    Thanks guys good advice I think

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