I have been using Studio 9 for a few months now.

The questions I have may seem basic to all you experienced users.

First off.... I capture in preview mode. This may be my problem. After rendering it to disk at 100% the disc looks great on tv but a little grainy on the pc. Is this a de-interlacing issue? What would be the best way to fix this issue so it looks great on both tv and pc? I plan to edit all of the video that I capture.

From what I have read on this forum it is sujested to capture in AVI and then convert to mpeg2.

I want the final output to be on a dvd-r disk for playback on both pc and tv.

#2. The movies I am making are music videos. Is it possible to copy the audio files only from the video clips? I would like to use audio from the video clips on the menu and in the credits.

#3. Is it possible to capture audio from video clips to make music cds?

#4. I am having problems figuring out how to make scolling credits at the end of the movie. Is this possible with studio 9?

And last but not leat a tip! I have discoverd that if I creat an mpeg file I can then use windows media encoder and compress it a great deal more without much of a loss of quality. An example of some of these files can be seen at www.putfile.com/libertyhall

Then click on the media link and select one of my videos. I recommend the field music demo. I had to keep the file size below 25 megs and this method worked well considering the videos are around 8 minutes long.

I have discoverd that video editing can be very very time consuming. Any help with the above mentiond problems would be a great help!