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    Default Video Clips Help!

    Hello there, I've looked through some threads here and this looks like a place where I can get some questions answered.

    I'm totaly new to Premiere and I have two problems that are bugging me. First, I imported a large chunk of video off of my video camera onto my computer via another program. This other editing program will automaticaly create clips for me based on the video content, is there any way that Premiere can do this?

    The second problem is that when I created an AVI from some of my video it didn't exactly fill up the window, there is a lot of black on the sides and on the top and bottom, any way I can clear this up?

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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    You didn't say which Premiere you had so I am going to assume you have Preiemere Pro 1.5 as that is what I have and explain below:

    When you bring up the capture window in the lower right corner you should see a check mark for Scene Detect. Check that and your first problem with "creating clips" should be solved and you can now do so.

    I am not sure about the other problem. Sorry!


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    Since you are in the US, like me, i think you should check your prem project settings, sounds like something my friend was doing. I checked his out for the very same project, and he had his project set at PAL, and he was using NTSC footage, which Pal has more lines, therefore creating dead space. If it is not doing that on your editing, but only on export, you may be exporting as pal.
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    Ah yes, sorry, I am using version 1.5.

    Thanks for all of your help! I see how to detect clip now when I capture it from the video camera, but is there a way to detect clips from say an MPEG video that's already on my computer that I just import to Premiere?

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