I use Premiere 6.5 for Mac on an IMAC I just bought. Now I make a small movie, export that using File - Export Timeline - Movie (using QuickTime as FileType). I give it the name trial.mov and save it on an USB stick. Everything seems to be working fine. After some time I get a preview on my mac which can be played without problem on the MAC. But if I go with the USB-stick to my PC (with Windows XP) I find 2 files on the stick: ._trial.mov and trial.mov and if I want to open one of the 2 files I get the message that windows cannot find the file trial.mov.
Can someone please tell me what I do wrong? Or is it not possible at all what I try to do? All I want is to make a movie (using QuickTime) on my Mac and playing that Quicktime Movie on my pc.