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Thread: VOB Files and IFO Files in Vegas Movie Studio 4.0

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    Default VOB Files and IFO Files in Vegas Movie Studio 4.0

    I'll try to keep this short and sweet, but it will be difficult.....

    I have a set of DVD's from 8mm film that was professionally transferred to the DVD's. I have the VOB files and IFO files off the DVD on my hard drive.

    Some of the VOB files are 1GB big (approximately 26 minutes of video). When I drag one into the timeline, it takes forever for it to completely show up, is only like 3 minutes in length, and is impossible to work with since my computer seems really bogged down.

    When I use another program to convert the same VOB file to a MPEG2 (also around 1 GB), I can then use that file in Vegas and it is easy to work with but quality is lost.


    Why can Vegas work fine with a 1 GB MPEG2 file but not with a 1GB VOB file? Do I need more RAM?

    Why is the length of the 1 GB file reduced to 3 minutes even though it is really 26 minutes?

    I have Digital8 tapes that I can transfer via firewire onto my hard drive. Should I do this? What file type(s) will the captured video be that I use in Vegas if I do this?

    Thanks for any help, and let me know if you ahve any questions. This project is awesome since it deals with over 35 years of family history that was captured on 8 mm film!


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    Try copying the .vob files only to your HD and rename their suffix to .mpg then try your editor on the file. Many times this will work well, since a .vob is just an MPEG-2 with extra data interleaved into the streams. Most editors will ignore the extra data in a .mpg, but try to make sense of it in a .vob
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    Hi Tamupete99 I used my dvd player to play the DVD then plug it in to a capture card using S2 and capture it in my studio 9 software. It works great for me but takes extra time i guess. I'm using a old prolink PV-CX881P capture card. Bob

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    Hi Tamupete99 again sorry, can't you just run or capture the digital 8 tape right in to your editing software because it's already digitized? I never bought a digital camcorder because i have a sony professional hi8 camcorder that takes excellent analog tape. My capture card digitizes them. My studio 9 captures a new clip for each scene so that makes it easy to edit. a lot of people don't like studio 9 But ive got the SE cheap version in stalled on a separate pc no other programs and no anti virus. I captured and edited a lot of family video and they were all exellent guality. Bob

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    If you are using Vegas, then plop the DVD into the DVD drive then go:

    File > Import > DVD Camcorder Disc > Source and after deciding WHERE you want the MPG2 files click OK. - That's about as easy as it gets.

    What version of Vegas you using?


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    I tried the suggestion of importing the DVD camcorder Disc. The MPG was created but it was video only, no audio. How do I get the audio. I am using Vegas 9.0a.

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    With Vegas 9.0c, the only way I could get this to work was by placing the VOB files onto my hard drive. I then was able to drag and drop them into the timeline directly. Vegas immediately recognized them and rendered both video and audio streams.

    Hope that helps!

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