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    Hello All!

    I'm looking for some simple or proffesional piece of software that can split/trim mpeg-2 videos but it has to be precise about it. I have lots of captured material and I need to split them but without re-encoding them in same format. Currently I use Pinnacle Studio 8 SE (came with my tv card) and each time when I want to create my trimmed video Pinnacle re-encodes it instead of just saving the selected(trimmed) part which takes alot of time . What I like about Pinnacle is it's precise frame selector so movies end up cutted just the way I want. So if anyone knows software precise as Pinnacle that can save videos instantly without re-encoding them please help! Thanks

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    Their MPEG Video Wizard will do the job.

    The problem with cuts on MPEG-2 is it can only be done on I-frames. All cut editors have to convert the entire GOP where the cut is to I-Frames before. This is 15 to 18 frames and doesn't take much time. No need to recompress from these I-frames and the Video Wizard won't.
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    Excellent program, thank you!

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