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    Hi so I usually dont do my own audio editing, but on a particular film I am working on I am. I did a bit of noise reduction work on the soundtrack which kind of lowered the dialogue. Is there a standard set db that dialogue needs to be at. I want to make sure that I output it at a reasonable level not too loud or too soft. And alos is there a set level that music should be at



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    In analog days, there were standard audio levels, but with digital it's not so much a standard as a personal preference. I usually normalize the entire audio track then reduce to 50%, that's 6dB down from max and isn't likely to startle the viewer. Then if I need to, I'll go back and custom set levels on extra loud or soft sections.

    Modern Pop/Rock music tends to be fairly high level all the way through, so setting to 70% is ok. But if the mood is low key ambient 10% may be better.
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