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Thread: New to Video editing and need help

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    Default New to Video editing and need help

    Hi there everyone
    Just getting into video editing in a big way and I知 now at a point where I need to upgrade my computer in certain areas, but I知 not sure which direction I should go when it comes to choosing between a graphics card , video card, both or something else ????. I have a limited budget at the moment of a couple of hundred pounds to send what should I do

    The main use of my computers seams to be web design, graphic design, composing music and now video editing, but which card would be the better opinion for stability?
    I知 not sure whether I need both or just one of the cards, if so as a beginner which is the best option for me.

    If anyone could help and point me in the direction I need to be facing I would be over the moon with any help and guidance.

    Cheers and thanks

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    Any decent pc less than a few years old should be adequate for video editing but you are bound to need lots of drive space.

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    Get 512Mb Ram, a second internal hard disk for video editing only (the largest one you can afford and make sure it runs at 7200rpm - it can be IDE connected but if you have the more upto date Serial ATA then I would go for that). Get a 128 Mb graphics card (handy for speeding up effects and transitions) and if your computer doesn't already have a firewire port then get a PCI version that fits into a spare PCI slot in your computer. So to sum up... more memory, a second hard disk (the largest you can afford), 128 Mb graphics card and a firewire interface (and cable) if you don't already have one lying about.

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