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    I would like to create an animation. I will be shooting stills and then re-editing them in photoshop. A bit like this clip I made,

    Although this is quite a good short animation it has its faults!
    Such as:

    1. The cameara appears to be jumpy
    2. The animation appears to be laggy and lacks a bit of detail.

    Any advice on what software to use? I need summet basic but yet effective. Ive tried adobe premiere to redo the animation but no luck.
    I tried VEGAS 4.0 but yet again become to messy and complicated...



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    I used a webcam (although it only records in 640x480) and some stop motion software to record a single frame at a time. You could try the same by connecting your camcorder up to the computer and getting a live feed from it and then try using some stop motion software (takes ages though).

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    This is called Stop Motion animation and a good web cam can do the job.

    More info here
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    My friend shot this in 5 hours, and I edited it and added music and titles for him. It is very 'low tech' but it shows that animation can work even when 'badly' done.

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    I liked that! Good stuff!

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    My camera can shoot video and take stills. Its a great camera but I cant seem to get any good software I want to take stills and convert them into animation which is easlie done but not without good software to add on the effects..

    Any Ideas tried vegas and premiere but to messy and no experience with it,,, THANX

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    I think there is a program called JPEGtoAVI that allows you to select a series of still images and load them into this application and then get it to stick them together and play them back for you.

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