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Thread: Sony Camera not detected

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    Default Sony Camera not detected


    I am using a Sony Camera DCR TRV33 which has a minDV tape and a memory stick and a Power Mac G4 with OS X 10.3.9 Panther.

    For some time I have been able to download photos and short videos from the memory stick to my computer through a USB cable but this week I decided to start downloading and editing video from the tape. I tried with the USB cable but my computer did not detect the camera while on VCR mode nor "camera"mode (it did on memory mode for the stick). I thought it may be that I needed a firewire cable. I bought one and still nothing was detected when I pluged the camera to the Mac.

    Any help???? Do I need some special software ( I thought the Macs came with just about everything needed)? Or is it a Hardware issue?



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    Try another f wire device, if that is detected it may be a camera fault.

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    No, no, no! You're using the wrong connection!
    USB is indeed for stills and vcd transfer, and if you want to capture DV for editing you'll need to use Firewire. Look for a 4-pin connection.

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    Default Problem solved

    Hi: thanks for your comments, I detected the camera yesterday, I tried a different cable and also I realised that when a video camera is connected it does not mount itself as a usb-stick one does ( I come from linux world so I was expecting the new mount ...) so with a correct click in iMovie and a different cable I was able to access my videos. Thanks!

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    Glad it's all sorted. The TRV33 is a good camera. I have one. It even has a true widescreen mode which mine sits in permanently.

    How are you getting along with the camera?

    But I would forget about it for stills. It's a by-product and far from what the camera does best. Leave the memory stick in there for 'emergencies' but you'll be much much better with a cheap digital still camera.

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    Default going fine


    The camera is indeed a good one, for some time (around 2 years) I used only the memory stick as a source for short videos since I had no way of editing the video from the tape, but those days are gone now! I still captured a lot on the tape and now I am glad I did


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