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Thread: DVD Architect won't finish burning...

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    Default DVD Architect won't finish burning...

    Wasn't sure where to post this, sorry...

    Every time I burn a dvd with DVD Architect it burns 99% and just before it finishes, on the lead out, it quits and says that the "operation timed-out."

    I've had this problem before and thought it was a hardware problem, but it happens everytime now instead of off and on...

    Is there a quick fix for this? Is it an application problem?


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    Hi, and welcome. Does the DVD file play ok from your hard drive in it's entireity before burning? If so, another option could be to use DVDA to prepare and then use a different package to burn.

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    Are you using the latest version Vegas+DVD Architect? Also make sure that your DVD burner is setup as master not as slave or cable select. And, finally make sure your DVD burner's firmware is up to date. If that fails you can always try different DVD media and, like it was mentioned by someone else, try to use a different application to burn your DVD just to test.

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    Default thanks

    Thanks, I switched media and it worked fine, for a while. it just seems testy. I'll update everything and let you know how it turns out, but I really appreciate your help!

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