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Thread: PLEASE HELP. BEGINNER AND I'M LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default PLEASE HELP. BEGINNER AND I'M LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    So I've got a camcorder which stores the footage onto a mini DV tape and I want to be able to download this footage onto my computer and edit it with some editing software.

    firstly, do I need to buy a seperate piece of Hardware such as Hauppage WinTv to be able to download the footage onto my computer and then use the editing software or does the editing software already come with the ability to be able to record my footage from my camcorder?

    Secondly, Do I have to buy a FireWire for this to be able to work and If so, Do I just plug the FireWire into the USB port on my Laptop or do I have to buy something to 'put into' my laptop and be able to connect the firewire.

    What I really want to know is how I can get my footage onto my computer and be able to edit it. Please help me, I've developed a keen interest in films and filming and would really appreciate some help.


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    MiniDV requires firewire to download. This means you'll need a PCMCIA to Firewire adapter card for your laptop and the cable (usually comes with the card). This is not a USB compatible cable.

    I hope your camera came with editing software, because it will have the firewire interface software. If not, most decent video editing software can read and write to firewire.

    If you were to use a TV video capture card, you'd lose a lot of the detail your camera worked so hard to get. Also your editing software would have to do a lot more work to produce the final output video.
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    Hi JROL. As Crusty says, firewire is required for DV transfer. Just double / triple check your laptop for a socket though. Most newish ones come equipped with one nowadays and it is very small so you might have missed it.

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    If your laptop has Win XP Service Pack 2 on it, then it will have Windows Movie Maker 2 already in place. It's not overly complicated but it will get you up and running with the capture and editing end. I hope your laptop has a bit of 'muscle' under the hood to handle video or else you'll be waaaaiiiittttinnng around for a while.

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